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Cassava flour special, has as its main characteristic be a 100% gluten-free product and can override the common flour in a series of recipes.

Mix Cassava Line CCB 4400

Traditionally from Minas Gerais State, the cheese bread manufacturing was limited to home recipes, and commercial bakeries. Currently, due to the development and expansion of the frozen products market, the cheese bread reaches another areas and it is consumed all over the country and even abroad. For this reason, to meet the increasing search for this food, specific tchnologies arise as an alternative for cheese bread manufacturing.

The Cassava mixture line was specially developed for cheese breads, replacing the cassava starch and/or tapioca flour and modified starch used in the formulation. From these tests and studies, Cassava has developed the CCB 4400 line, to facilitate its handling and application on food industries, dispensing the need for scalding and standardizing the final product.