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The products of line NEOMALT are indicated when you want to apply improvements or changes in the characteristics of viscosity, adhesion, cohesion, sweetness, Hygroscopicity, molecular mass, anti-crystallizing action, reaction to heat and freezing, highlight of flavor and flavor, fermentation, calories and nutritional interest. By having low sucrose content in its composition, the line NEOMALT is generally used in partial substitution of solid fat and vegetable oil in food with low calorie (light), mayonnaise, sauces, ice cream, frozen foods.

Has great purity organic, mineral and bacteriological ensuring raw material free of genetically modified organisms. Showing more lightness, excellent water solubility and enhanced dispersibility in relation to starch, the line NEOMALT can be used as a vehicle for seasonings, artificial sweeteners, gum and dry mixes, powdered sweetener composition, aroma package, being used in meat products (sausages and mortadella) for the control of the colour development, avoiding the darkening. is also needed to increase the density of creams, soups and sauces as well as avoid the feeling of "arenosidade" in creamy ice cream.

Acts as a binding agent in cereal, snacks and coverage of nuts and peanuts, being also very used in the drying process of products such as coffee, milk and cream cheese powder, spices, coffee and mate, school meals and soluble food frozen. Free product of genetically modified organism.